Age Spots: 5 Ways to Prevent Sun Damage

5 Ways to Prevent Age Spots and Sun Damage

Preparing against Sun Damage and Age Spots this summer

There are several ways to prevent and prepare against sun damage this summer. Our expert dermatologist will offer you a variety of tips and techniques on how to prevent sun damage and age spots.

Sun damage is caused by prolonged exposure to the sun, whose ultraviolet (UV) radiation causes harm to the skin. The effect of UV radiation on the skin can be told from the observable effects which include: age spots, red scaly spots, wrinkling as well as (in the extreme cases) skin cancer.

The skin tries to fight against damage from the sun by producing melanin, which is a protein pigment that forms protection against the damaging sun rays. Despite the dangers of sun exposure known to us, we still take little caution when we expose ourselves to the sun. About a million Americans were diagnosed with skin cancer eleven years ago. In fact, statistics indicate that one in three cases of diagnosed cancer relates to the skin. So, how can you keep yourself safe from the damaging effects of the sun?

Wear Sunscreen

This is recommended by the center for disease control and prevention. The choice of the sunscreen is important, with a sun protection factor of 15 recommended. You should apply sun screen half an hour before exposure to the sun and at an interval of two hours from then.

Use UPF Clothing

This clothing absorb both UVA and UVB rays – both dangerous and direct causes of skin damage. The higher the absorption factor, the better it will protect you against the suns damaging rays.

Eat Food Rich In Vitamin

Some foods such as asparagus are rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E is useful in the neutralization of free radicals. Generally, foods that assist in the prevention of sun damage and age spots are those rich in antioxidants.

These also include: salmon, tomatoes, sun flower seeds and green tea.

Watch the Clock

UV rays are strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. (Tip: Check your shadow. If it’s very short, it’s a bad time to be outside.) If you’re out during these hours, stay in the shade under a beach umbrella or a big leafy tree.

Drink Plenty of Water

Since the skin and the body is mostly water, ensuring that you are hydrated is essential if you are to fight against sun damage.

The summer months are getting nearer, and nobody would want the sun to ruin that for them. The above techniques should prove useful for those aiming to prevent sun damage on their skin this coming hot months and retaining the information or sharing it should keep you safer from tanned skin than ever.

What if you already have age spots?

To late to prevent age spots? No worries. First, by all means follow the tips above and be careful about what you put on your skin. Secondly, there are easy ways to reverse sun damage and diminish age spots without going under the knife.

To reverse this damage, many patients turn to non-surgical facial skin rejuvenation treatments like Fraxel.

The sun can damage your skin in many ways, both seen and unseen. Below the sun spots and wrinkles, your skin could be damaged deep down where you can’t see the effects. Fraxel treatments can’t reverse serious skin cancer risks, but it can certainly reduce the visible signs left behind by the sun.

When your skin has been damaged by the sun, it can speed up the aging process, breaking down the skin over time and creating lasting effects. By erasing this sun exposure from your skin, you can keep it healthier and younger-looking for longer.

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